ValiDATA: GtD’s Solution to Unlocking YOUR Data

ValiDATA, is Get the Data’s data management tool. It is tailored to your organization’s needs and unlocks the potential of its own data.

I strongly believe in the need to democratize data collection and analyses, and ValiDATA is GtD’s contribution to that process. Instead of locking your data into a costly and hard-to-use proprietary system, ValiDATA puts your organization’s data back in your hands.

But ValiDATA isn’t about the types of systems used by big corporations, with their outsize collection processes pulling in vast amounts of anonymous data, their ranks of analysts, and their opaque algorithms. It’s about giving small organizations an easy-to-use tool to translate their data into usable reports and analyses. It allows your organization to monitor its outcomes and to measure the impact you are having on individuals and communities.

GtD’s ValiDATA tool is a cost-effective data management system that allows you to track your clients’ journeys. It will monitor the programs or interventions you provide to your clients, and report the outcomes they achieve. ValiDATA also gives you the tools to create back-end reports that can be used to report overall progress to your colleagues, board members, and funders.

But ValiDATA is more than a data management tool. It is also the basis for your social impact journey, supporting our Measure, Learn, and Prove packages. Providing a cost-effective solution to collecting and analysing data, ValiDATA can be used with any one of our individual packages, and it can seamlessly integrate analyses across all three.

With ValiDATA your organization can start monitoring outcomes, predicting progress, and measuring impact from day one.

ValiDATA lets you harness the power of “small data” to make a big difference.

At Get the Data we believe ValiDATA can help your organization to monitor services, measure impact, and improve outcomes. Please contact us for your free demonstration of our ValiDATA tool at