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Social Impact Evaluation

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Demonstrate the difference you make, with rigorous social impact reporting and evaluation.

This service is helping organisations to:

  • Social Impact Evaluation | Prove by Get the Data Get The DataDesign a rigorous impact evaluation
  • Social Impact Evaluation | Prove by Get the Data Get The DataDevelop advanced statistical models
  • Social Impact Evaluation | Prove by Get the Data Get The DataCommunicate findings to stakeholders

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    "You know the impact your work has. Prove ensures other can see it just as clearly as you do."

    In a world driven by data, it is becoming increasingly important for social organisations to prove their impact – not just through what they say, but through cold, hard facts.

    Organisations that commission Get the Data are working with some of the most vulnerable people in society. We value their work and are committed to using quantitative methods of reporting and evaluation to determine their impact.

    We are proud that our impact evaluations are not only delivering definitive reports on the impact of their work but are used to provide a highly persuasive business case to continue an intervention and source income or a press release as part of a media or funding campaign.

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    How does social impact reporting work?

    Being motivated to deliver improved services is part of your commitment to your work. Finding the time, energy and specialised skills needed to demonstrate its effectiveness can be harder. But we all know that proving the social impact of your work is crucial to gaining the funding needed for continued success.

    Our Impact Evaluation service has provided clients with a definitive and trusted assessment of their social impact.

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    How do we carry out Social Impact Reporting?

    Control group data collection

    Using a control group in your evaluation means you can rigorously estimate your impact. We identify how a control group can be constructed, set its data standards and help you to collect those data.


    With the control data collected, we can then carry out quasi-experiments that aim to evaluate interventions. Here, we can demonstrate causality between an intervention and an outcome.

    Longitudinal analysis

    Through the Prove package, we can also analyse data where measurements have been taken at different time points. These measurements can be taken over shorter or longer periods of time to evaluate an programme’s different effects.

    Statistical modelling of impact

    We can begin to prove social impact by applying statistical analysis to a particular dataset. With these insights, it is much easier to interpret the data strategically.

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    Optimise your results

    This approach to data reporting will allow you and your organisation to optimise your resources and maximise your results.

    In addition to this, you will be able to extract the story behind your successes, and use that to prove to the world the valuable social impact your organisation is achieving.

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    Get the Data’s Impact Evaluation Package

    You know the social impact your work has. The Prove package ensures others can see it just as clearly as you do.

    Get the Data’s Prove package helps you to produce rigorous social impact evaluation that definitively articulates the impact of your work. More than this, our expert team will deliver this evidence and reporting for you. We can do this through:

    We can do this through:

    Definitive Impact Evaluation

    Our team can thoroughly assess how your intervention your organisation is being delivered and how that is affecting outcomes. We apply the most rigorous impact evaluation design possible so you receive definitive results.

    Advanced Statistical Models

    Our team of analysts can employ advanced statistical modelling techniques to answer your key social impact data questions. We can find the key drivers of outcome variables and identify what changes in your data are significant.

    Social Impact Reports

    Our impact reports communicate clearly the change your organisation is creating. To be impactful with funders and stakeholders, communicating your social impact well is as important as proving it.

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    Contact us to book a free 1-hour review of how you measure, learn and prove your social impact

      Why Use Get The Data?

      GtD have enabled us to show the dramatic impact the night shelter network has on London and that we are an important homelessness service.

      Alison Gelder

      The Trust is now better able to understand its impact and make decisions that will help to improve outcomes for young people in the future.

      Emma Ferris

      GtD made an important contribution to our successful bid to provide probation services across England. Jack [Cattell] provided clear analysis of the available probation data and designed an accurate predictive analysis system that will communicate clearly which offenders are most likely to reoffend.

      Peter Dawson

      GtD’s advanced and well communicated analyses on the impact of our intervention provided the evidence to continue, and we understood how to improve

      Chris Stevens & Gavin Stephens

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