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Using our specialised social impact measurement tools, Get The Data can help organisations unlock the potential of their data and be proud of the impact they are having.

This service is helping organisations to:

  • Social Impact Measurement | Measure by Get The Data Get The DataDefine measurements of social impact
  • Social Impact Measurement | Measure by Get The Data Get The DataCollect monitoring and impact data
  • Social Impact Measurement | Measure by Get The Data Get The DataAnalyse and report social impact measures

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    "You are collecting data, but don't know how to unlock its true value. Get the Data can do this for you."

    Your organisation knows that accurate data can help it understand how services are delivered. But releasing this potential can be difficult – even if you have sophisticated case management systems at your disposal.

    Get The Data’s Social Impact Measure package contains everything you need to realise the potential of your data. It helps you decide what to measure and what data to collect. It provides the analyses to solve problems and achieve better outcomes. It doesn’t just give you data, it gives you data you can use.

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    What is Social Impact?

    Get The Data defines social impact as the change that occurs for or to people and communities as the result of an action or activity. By addressing important social challenges this action or activity should result in a positive change for those individuals and their communities.

    Organisations and public bodies work to make a social impact by making a beneficial contribution to those local communities and individuals they serve.

    How Can Get The Data Help You To Achieve Social Impact?

    Get The Data’s three social impact packages – Measure, Learn and Prove – are used by organisations to demonstrate the real change they are creating through their work. To support these packages, Get The Data has created a bespoke social impact measurement tool, ValiDATA. Providing a cost-effective solution to collecting and analysing data, ValiDATA can be used with any one individual package or can seamlessly integrate analyses across all three.

    Get The Data would be pleased to demonstrate exactly how the tool works and the part it plays within the full spectrum of our services.

    A Bespoke Social Impact Measurement Framework

    In delivering measure GtD first takes the time to understand what your organisation does, the resources at your disposal and the theory of change behind your desired outcomes. This process enables Get The Data to provide your organisation with clear, meaningful and useable data.

    This is the difference Measure makes.

    A social impact measurement framework includes:

    • Developing clearly defined measures of what is important to you.
    • Collecting the data you need to monitor your activities on an ongoing basis.
    • Providing analyses to demonstrate the value of your social impact.
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    Our social impact measurement framework is made up of four parts:

    The Theory of Change is developed

    Get The Data will articulate a Theory of Change for your organisation by reviewing the relevant literature and conducting interviews with your key staff. This will define how you want your organisation to make an impact by outlining short-term, medium-term, and longer-term outcomes, and how these will be achieved.

    Outcomes Framework

    Get The Data’s team will then define the Theory of Change with measures of inputs, outputs and outcomes. This is a vital step in shaping the key data you collect and ensures there is a feedback loop in order to improve your ongoing social impact strategy.

    Produce Data Collection Questionnaires

    If required, Get The Data can create bespoke questionnaires or help you to select existing assessment tools. Either way, you will know that your measures are rigorous and provide the accurate data you and your funders require.

    Implement Data Collection Process

    Get The Data can advise on how to collect your data in the most efficient manner possible. This can be through custom databases, bespoke programmes, or online platforms tools such as SurveyMonkey.

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    How do we collect the data and report it to you?

    Get The Data are experts at exploring its clients’ databases, connecting datasets, making use of published data, and using cost-effective reporting tools such as Excel dashboards and online applications. Data reporting is only good if it tells you what you need to know, and the data are understandable. Get The Data takes the time to consult, to ensure it meets this aim and has a track record that proves it.

    The data cleaning, validation and administration process

    Data need to be accurate and data users need to have confidence in them. Get The Data is highly experienced in setting processes to check and clean data, and apply the latest techniques to check the validity of data and account for missing data. As such, Get The Data’s clients are assured that their data insights are meaningful.

    How can Get The Data help you with Social Impact Measurement?

    Get The Data’s Measure package is helping practitioners, managers and board members think about what impact they are seeking to achieve, how to measure it and how they will achieve it with the resources at their disposal.

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    Contact us to book a free 1-hour review of how you measure, learn and prove your social impact

      Why Use Get The Data?

      GtD have enabled us to show the dramatic impact the night shelter network has on London and that we are an important homelessness service.

      Alison Gelder

      The Trust is now better able to understand its impact and make decisions that will help to improve outcomes for young people in the future.

      Emma Ferris

      GtD made an important contribution to our successful bid to provide probation services across England. Jack [Cattell] provided clear analysis of the available probation data and designed an accurate predictive analysis system that will communicate clearly which offenders are most likely to reoffend.

      Peter Dawson

      GtD’s advanced and well communicated analyses on the impact of our intervention provided the evidence to continue, and we understood how to improve

      Chris Stevens & Gavin Stephens

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