GtD’s Transatlantic Team

For many of us the way in which we work has changed dramatically in the last two years. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has meant that many more of us now work from home or work remotely.

Modern communications technology means that anyone can collaborate with colleagues on a different continent as easily as if they were in the next room. We have quickly become familiar with seeing our colleagues on our computer screens, collaborating on documents that can be updated in real time, or scheduling meetings across time zones.

The creative solutions to the problems of working with others while restrictions are in place have proved the value and efficiency of remote working to many different types of organizations.

Get the Data is a small company with a big presence, with staff in the UK and the USA. The increasing reliability of remote working technology means it has never been easier for our staff in London to collaborate with colleagues on our justice-based projects in the USA. Our staff members have been able to use their individual skills and expertise to complement those of their colleagues and to produce the results that our clients need.

Jack and I have long believed that successful impact evaluations need a diverse team that uses the talents of everyone to their fullest potential.

  • We need data analysts who combine advanced statistical skills with the ability to communicate results to meet clients’ needs.
  • We need qualitative researchers who are proficient in understanding quantitative data, and combine them with rigorous data from well-designed interviews and focus groups.
  • And we need managers who are also researchers with enquiring minds, who can direct analyses and mold conclusions with practical actions.

Our transatlantic team is equipped with these skills to deliver the quality of work that our British and American clients demand. We have recruited the best people for our work. We are proud of the team we have created, and we are always looking for additional talents to add to our organization.

We bring rigor to our work, we apply discipline to our project management, and we know the importance of forming sound and lasting relationships with our clients. All the team at Get the Data are wholly committed to working with our clients to learn the most effective means to deliver social change in our societies.